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Double Action Vitamin B

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120 tablets

24 essential vitamins and minerals, with exclusive plant concentrates

A powerful and convenient gluten-free supplement that fills the vitamin and mineral gaps in your daily diet.

  • 100% or more of the Daily Value for 17 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • 75 mg de concentrados de plantas enteras para brindar beneficios de fitonutrientes.
  • Protección antioxidante contra radicales libres.†
  • With Nutrilock coating for easy-to-swallow tablets.

Leading health newspapers recommend that all adults take a multivitamin daily. Our gluten-free product is a practical way to help fill the nutritional gaps in your daily diet. Offers the added nutritional benefits of phytonutrients (including alfalfa, watercress, parsley, and acerola), without the gluten.