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14-Night Restoration Program

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14 vials of 1.5 ml (0.05 fl oz.)

Wake up to a complete skincare transformation.

Restore your skin in as little as 14 nights by treating visible damage at the source with the 14 Night Restoration Program, our most effective treatment for all skin types. Experience immediate results in the first 24 hours and wake up to noticeably healthier and more youthful looking skin in just two weeks. Restore. Transform. Repeat.

  • In vitro laboratory tests confirm that the phyto-3 Cica blend, within the ultra intense night action technology, helps to improve the appearance of past damage by 150%.
  • Increase the beauty factor by 200%.
  • Repair signs of aging due to environmental damage.
  • It intensifies the natural ability of the skin to repair visible damage.
  • Promotes extra functioning of the cellular matrix to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.